china Cheap Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Magnetic Mixer Worm Reducer Agitator manufacturers

Product Description

Name&colon CZPT steel high shear emulsifying mixer&lparbatch mixer&comma high shear mixer&rpar CZPT steel CZPT ic Agitator
Meterial&colon SUS304&comma SUS316L

Procedure Principle&colon
CJ sequence sanitary magnetic mixer is a bottom entry type mixer through magnetic push&commaa new mixing type of total shut&comma no leaking&comma no air pollution&time period Due to the fact of it really is magnetic generate without having pushed shaft make CZPT -contact torque transfer&comma silence seal &lparseparation sleeve&rpar instead of dynamic seal &lpardriven shaft&rpar&comma which can fully solve the leaking issue of mechanical seal&time period The mixer is primarily applicated for pharmaceutical &commafood sector&commafor dissolving &comma stining&commamixing &commafeeding&comma etc&period of time The mixer is composed of inside of magnet &lparwith impeller&rpar&commaseparation sleeve&comma dwelling bearing&comma out magnet &perioddriving unit&commathe wetted areas are created of stainless steel 304 or stainless metal 316L&lparfor assortment&rpar
1&period   Silence seal &lparseparation sleeve&rpar rather of dynamic seal &lpardriven shaft&rpar&commawhich can totally solve the leaking&comma issue of mechanical seal&period
2&period   Basic framework&commalow maintenances value&comma simple for disassemble &commaeasy for cleansing&commano dead spot&time period
three&period   Bottom entry mixing&comma can operate under little liquid content&commathe specific impeller can be applicated for stirring and mixing for CZPT components&interval
four&period   Normal design tends to make it is top quality spare parts am be interchanged on distinct mixers
Maindly be utilized in stainless steel response tanks&comma fermentation tank&commafeeding tank&time period storage tanks mixing for producing pursuing materials&colon Infusion answers&comma Tiny injections&comma&commavaccines&comma blood goods&comma insulin&comma oral liquid&commaetc&interval

Mixing way&colon
The mixing impeller create a CZPT &periodwhich sucking the soluble powder or liquid in the direction of to the impeller&comma after achieving the impeller&comma the fluid flows in a radial path hurry to the tank wall by the centrifugal drive of impeller&interval Following reaching the tank wall&commathe fluid travels upwards and then circulation down to the suction stop of impeller&period The overall bulk motion and the mixing motion close to the mixer guarantee that a homogeneous&commamixing&comma dissolving &commadispersing&comma is attained&period

CJ Collection Bottom entry magnetic mixer is composed of inside of magnet &lparwith impeller &rpar&comma separation sleeve&comma dwelling bearing &periodout magnet &commadriving unit &commathe wetted patrs are made of stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316L&lparfor assortment&rpar&period of time
Opening gap at the bottom of tank &commainstall the separation sleeve to the bottom via welding immediately or welding flange relationship&period of time Living bearing and within magnet &lparwith impeller&rpar are within of tank&period The driving unit deive the out magnet rotating synchronously &periodthe out magnet drive the within magnet rotating sysnchronously by strong magnetic pressure to obtain the mixing influence

Major parameters&colon

Design Tank Potential&lparL&rpar 120rmp 230rmp 350rmp 450rmp 620rmp 960rmp
CJ5&sol67 10-two hundred sixty 60 90 one hundred twenty a hundred and eighty 2S0
CJ&sol78 10-three hundred 60 ninety 120 180 250 370
CJ10&sol108 fifty-800 90 one hundred twenty one hundred eighty 250 370 550
CJ10&sol114 100-1200 120 one hundred eighty&lpar250&rpar 250 370 550 750
CJ20&sol130 two hundred-2500 180 250&lpar370&rpar 370 550 750 1100
CJ20&sol145 two hundred-3000 250 370&lpar550&rpar 550 750 1100 1500
CJ30&sol145 300-4000 370 550 750 1100 1500 2200
CJ30&sol165 five hundred-5000 550 750 1100 1500 2200


CJ40&sol175 five hundred-8000 550 750 1100 1500 2200 3000&lpar4000&rpar
CJ40&sol190 a thousand-3000 750 1100 1500 2200 3000


CJ60&sol190 1500-15000 750 1100 1500 2200 3000 &lpar4000&rpar5500
CJ60&sol220 1500-15000 1100 1500 2200 3000


CJ80&sol215 2000-20000 1100 1500 2200 3000 4000 7500
CJ80&sol245 3000-20000 1500 2200 3000 4000


CJ a hundred and twenty&sol240 4000-25000 1500 2200 3000 4000 5500 11000
CJ 120&sol275 5000-20000 2200 3000 4000 S500


CJ one hundred sixty&sol280 6000-30000 2200 3000 4000 5500 7500 15000
CJ one hundred sixty&sol320 6000-30000 3000 4000 SSOO 7500


CJ200&sol342 l000-35000 3000 4000 5500 7500 11000


CJ200&sol390 12000-35000 4000 5500 7500 11000


CJ300&sol415 15000-40000 5500 7500 11000 15000


CJ300&sol460 20000-50000 7500 11000 15000 18500

The primary benefit of worm gears is their ability to offer higher reduction ratios and correspondingly large torque multipliers. They can also be used as reducers for low to medium velocity applications. Also, because their reduction ratio is based on the number of tooth on the gear, they are much more compact than other sorts of gears. Like fine pitch leadscrews, worm gears are usually self-locking, creating them ideal for hoisting and hoisting purposes.
china  Cheap Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Magnetic Mixer Worm Reducer Agitator manufacturers